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GLOUSAC is an international facilitator for companies and individuals who wish to settle or do business between Africa and USA.
Our goal is to reduce the language barriers long feared by foreigners and especially to inform on the governmental regulation concerning the strategic commercial and migratory operations so much desired by these

The Scope Of Our Work

GLOUSAC has a rich experience in the development of business opportunities through the many interstate partnerships (B2B, joint ventures etc.) and personal partnerships that it has helped to set up with the USA.

We also regularly assist multinational corporations in complying with a wide range of complex federal regulations. These include regulations on exports and imports of US products to other continents, regulation of transactions and movement of goods.

We also advise many foreigners who want to come not only to do tourism in the US, but also conferences and sports and cultural events by providing them with information in real time on the US immigration policy as defined by the 'USCIS and often escapes visa applicants.

It is to realize your dream that GLOUSAC comes to you with this range of opportunity tailored to the needs of your satisfaction.

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