Our Vision

What We Stand For

Our Vision

Allow candidates to know their immigration possibilities reliably, completely and quickly.

Provide our clients with a competent and available team that will ensure that clients are well served and that their files are quickly processed without undue delay. Provide maximum information to our customers so that they can choose in an informed way the place of installation that will benefit them the most.

Be transparent in all acts on your file thanks to the rapid transmission of information and real-time technology developed in this way.

Establish reasonable fees without compromising on the quality of services.

You help make your installation a success, thanks to our Inbound Assistance service. A structured and efficient service created for your full development upon your arrival in the USA

Assure your representation in case you do not wish to move to the USA by signing after signature duly signed by the customer agreements and other forms of contract in his name and quality.

Facilitate the purchase of luxury vehicles, quality medical and pharmaceutical equipment and ensure their safe transportation to the destination.

Look for American financial and strategic partners to boost your business

Our Mission

GLOUSAC's mission is to pilot the admission of candidates with reliability, speed.

Our mastery of the techniques of assembling the files of candidatures to the American universities and the procedure of evaluation of the candidatures give our organization a significant advantage for a calm management of the file of the candidates. The President of the Organization is an American with African origins and a deep knowledge of the American university system. It is therefore a professional broken and a credible person who will ensure the daily reliable processing of the candidates' registration file ( s).

GLOUSAC has a team of several academic and commercial advisers ready to bring their expertise to your service in order to facilitate your socio-professional integration in the US

The organization has a network of more than 150 participating universities across the United States and several social advisors Thus, GLOUSAC can perform all the complete admission procedures for you.

Our Appoach

GLOUSAC is a pre-eminent value gateway for companies that want to experiment with the US partnership in order to increase their turnover and shine in their field of activity.

It is also an institution specialized in the orientation of university studies in the United States, the project of studies in America is more than a question of will for those who wish to continue their studies.

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